Benefits of a Social Media Manager

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Why hire someone to help you manage your social media

As a small business owner, you understand the constant demand required to run your business, this doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Personally, I spend all of my time getting work done for my clients, why service myself when I can serve others? 

Unfortunately, the notion of doing work for others and not yourself is not an efficient practice nowadays.  Without applying the perfect amount of time and effort to your business you’ll never make it anywhere. But what about the people who truly can’t dedicate the time, resources, and expertise to marketing? What happens to small businesses that can’t afford to hire a marketing expert full-time? 

This is where social media managers come into play, an untapped market of raw passion and knowledge that is at the tip of your fingers. Social media management allows small business owners to pass the buck of responsibility to someone else, leaving them extra free time to serve clients and sell products. Still not sold on the idea of having someone do it all for you? Check out our tips below to see just how great a purpose Social Media Managers serve. 

Interested in passing off the workload to someone else to free up your time? At Marketing Maestros we specialize in helping small businesses grow their brands online using leading class content and marketing tools. For more information, book a free virtual consult with one of our experts at https://m-maestros.com

It’s Time-Saving!

I’ll say it once, hell I’ll say it a hundred times, Social Media Managers save you time, and if that’s not the perfect selling point for small business owners then I don’t know what is! Business owners usually work at least twice as much as the regular 9 to 5’er, at the end of the day it’s your name on all the documents, so slacking off isn’t an option. 

Since your time is stretched enough as is, how could you find more time for marketing? Although there are a lot of DIY methods you can use like Facebook Business Suite for posting, or Canva for creating the content, you’ll never find the time to sit down and get cracking on that kind of work. 

Plus, although we’re all power-hungry entrepreneurs, it’s actually a huge relief to know that all the marketing is running in the background. Think about it, a manager takes over your Instagram, handles all the posting, replying, and analytics tracking, and then passes over all the leads to your sales team/person, sounds like a perfect arrangement to me. 

I’m a small business owner, and marketing my own business is fun and all, but to think about the possibility of having someone else do it and then just forward me leads is astounding! 

Specialized Knowledge

Unless you’re a social media marketing expert, chances are you make a lot of mistakes when marketing your business. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people use the “that’ll do” approach for their marketing. Why limit your business when you could sit back and watch it grow using some of the best marketing tactics out there! 

The truth is, marketing managers are usually young, ambitious, knowledgeable individuals who have something to prove, that they’re better than the competition. On top of this, most of these people have gone to school for marketing, and sought out external training, making them highly qualified for the job. 

Having someone take the reins of your marketing campaign and direct it into a profitable path may be one of the best decisions you make as a business owner. As I stated above, imagine sitting back and watching the leads come rolling in. Some of the best services offered by Social Media Managers include: 

  • Creation & Posting of Content 
  • Replying to Comments 
  • Growing Your Followers List 
  • Tracking Analytics 
  • Sending Cold Message Campaigns
  • And So Much More! 

Cost Savings

Cost vs. time analysis, & working with a freelance social media marketing manager 

After taking a look at all the services Social Media Managers offer you must be thinking “how could anyone ever afford this?”  

1. It’s important to factor in the time that you are putting into your social media management, including strategy, sourcing images, creating content, and don’t forget engagement!  When you add it up it’s likely far more time than you think.  And time is money….

2. The best part! It’s actually cheaper to hire some freelance managers than it is to bring someone on full-time! Instead of worrying about a salary or wages, most managers only charge a small retainer. 

Why go through the hassle of interviewing, hiring, and working out all the accounting for a new employee when you could just hire a freelancer? Not only will this save you more time, but it’ll also be a better bang for your buck! All of the money you save on outsourcing can actually open up more doors for you in the marketing realm, not only can you reallocate money to an advertising budget, you can essentially get twice as much exposure for the price of one! 

*Pause 4 Thought* One thing you should be aware of before hiring a Marketing Manager is the required level of creative freedom, obviously they operate under your strict instructions, but you also don’t want them emailing you 24/7 for approvals, that kinda defeats the purpose!

If you’re still on the fence about contracting work to a freelancer, don’t be, they can provide some of the best quality results for your social media, saving you the hassle. Before you make up your mind, remember that Marketing Managers;

 ~ Save you more time to focus on your business

 ~ Provide quality work using their expertise and ambition

 ~ Don’t cost an arm and a leg to employ

At Marketing Maestros we pride ourselves on providing high quality Social Media Management for small businesses.  

Learn more about social media management by visiting out website OR feel free to reach out to us and see just how we can help your business grow online.  

Email us at [email protected] to find out how we can help you!

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