A Blog Post About Blog Posts

A blog post about blog posts

We know that creating content is important to staying relevant.  Posting regularly also helps to showcase your character, brand identity, & can highlight you as an expert at what you do.  

Just getting started?  Not sure what to write about?  Crystal Fletcher, writer and storyteller has some ideas for you.  Thanks Crystal!

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  1. How-To ~ tutorials ~ Step-By-Step Guides (i.e. bake a gluten free cake, soap making process). A great way to show off your talent!
  2. Best of… (i.e highlights of successes, photos, bloopers/fails, collaborations. etc..)
  3. Tips (& Tricks) 
  4. Lists (i.e. Top 3 local restaurants when visiting…, My top 3 self-care activities, etc…
  5. Industry Myths 
  6. Lessons Learned (as a business owner, life lessons, surviving a pandemic)
  7. The story of how/why you got started (about us)
  8. Meet our staff (a play on the ‘about page’)
  9. What are you passionate/enthusiastic about (perhaps, a local charity)
  10. Your definition of success

Have an idea you would like to share?  Tell us in the comments

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