The Local Street Podcast: Episode 14 – Singular Luggage

“I like to say we make un-losable luggage”

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In this episode of the Local Street Podcast, we chat with Simon founder of Singular Luggage from Toronto Canada.  Simon creates personalized, luggage, completely customized for you!

YOUR own photographs, designs or artwork, he can bring them to life so you can take your favourite memories and things with you wherever you go.  Singular Luggage has also collaborated with many different local artists to create unique and beautiful pieces. “I like to say we make un-losable luggage…”


Where did it start…

I guess my mom kind of always drove the artistry. We had an art cupboard at home. We just had arts and crafts stuff, you know tempera paints and the paper and construction paper and glue. SO when it was a rainy day we were doing art.

What drove it home…

Simon studied mechanical engineering went to school for mechanical engineering. “I went for mechanical engineering cause I liked building things and making stuff with my hands. With mechanical engineering they pretty much teach you how to make anything so that seemed like the thing for me.” Then, with his family of 5 travelling often, Simon and his wife taught their kids how to spot and locate their traditional blue and black bags on the busy airport carousel – not always an easy task!

Combining the love for childhood art, an interest mechanical engineering, and own personal family experience in travel, what started as a side hustle quickly expanded into a full-time endeavour.

The Process

The process is fast and easy. Create or submit your design for your luggage. Singular luggage will send you a proof of approval before they start production. The production process is completed in 3-4 days. Once completed, your personalized luggage will be shipped directly to you, so you can start vacationing in style!

Learn more about Simon and his creative and extraordinary business that makes travelling even more exciting and fun!


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