More Reasons to Buy Local this Holiday Season…

Need more reasons to shop local this holiday season?  There are so many benefits, especially at a time of rising costs and global supply chain delays.

So why should we buy local this year more than ever before?

  • First, buying local avoids supply chain delays. For example: buying a handmade ornament from a local artisan instead of from a big-box retailer means you get a unique gift without having to depend on the global supply chain and risk long delays or cancelled orders.
  • Next, at a time when climate change is top of mind for so many of us, buying local is more environmentally-friendly. For example: it cuts down on carbon emissions created by international shipping. Most local gifts can be picked up or delivered within your own community.
  • Buying local helps us stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. Exposure to COVID-19 remains a concern when in large crowds like those in big box stores. This risk is significantly reduced when shopping local because small businesses allow fewer people in the door at one time and can better control their environments. They also offer easy curb side pickup as well as online orders and deliveries.

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