Setting Up Your Store’s Shipping

As a vendor on Local Street Marketplace, you can:

  • Set up flat rates by themselves
  • Provide Free Shipping as well

To set up this option, login as a seller and go to your ‘Shipping’ tab to get options to define your store’s shipping.

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As you can see, as a seller on Local Street you have the choice of setting a default shipping price for your shipments. You also can also define a standard price per product and define a constant for each quantity of the item placed in a cart. Moreover, you as a seller can even define the estimated delivery for your shipments.

So your customers get to know the average time they have to wait to receive the product. This is great for businesses shipping locally or having a small inventory.

Setting Up a Real-Time Shipping Strategy

Let’s discuss why implementing a real-time shipping strategy is crucial for vendors selling numerous products from different suppliers. This approach addresses potential limitations in the previous solution and ensures accurate pricing for your customers.

When relying solely on predefined shipping rates, it becomes challenging to determine whether you are overcharging or undercharging your customers. This uncertainty can negatively impact customer trust and satisfaction. To overcome this, we highly recommended to adopt real-time shipping rates provided by courier companies.

Real-time shipping rates offer several advantages, including the confidence of providing accurate pricing to your customers. These rates are determined by various factors that influence shipping costs. Now, let’s delve into some of these factors for a better understanding.

Factors To Consider For Setting Shipping Prices

  1. The Weight of Your Shipment: As a general rule of thumb, the more the weight, the more shipping charge levied by the carrier. Ensure you’re adjusting shipping weight when calculating as the rates are quite different between a 1 lbs vs 10 lbs shipment.
  2. The Distance of Your Shipment: In general, the further your shipment the more expensive the shipping fee. When calculating rates ensure you are using accurate and appropriate shipping distances.
  3. Your Service Provider: Different couriers have different rates, be sure to compare them in advance and understand their pricing.

Which courier should you choose?

We encourage you to compare the rates by yourself to see what’s best for you, your business – and your customers! You can directly confirm your courier services and their rates and choose the best ones for your shipping scenario by contacting them or navigating to their sites directly. You may also wish to utilize an online shipping calculator tool.

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