WP Wooden Name Design Raised Impression

WP Wooden Name Design Raised Impression

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About this product

Our adorable unique WP Wooden Name Designs are the perfect addition to any nursery or home decor! 

Each unique sign features your child's name and raised impression all mounted on a beautiful piece of baltic birch. Classic meets contemporary in this stunning piece. 

Order any of our items and you will be provided a contact-free session to create the impression. Some sessions are in person if you're local and other options include having the materials picked up or delivered/shipped to you. Mounting to the WP Wooden Name design either gets done locally or if you are from out of town, we ship the completed WP Wooden Name Design to you and guide you through adding the hands/feet.


*Each 12 inch circle has a walnut stain and letter sizes vary depending on the size of each name. 

*You may mount your own raised impression or have one of our artists do it for you.

*One name per sign

*After you place your order, your local artist will be in touch with you to confirm the final details. 

*Price includes WP Wooden Name Sign - Raised Impression + $30 each

*Depending on the type of session, some age restrictions will apply.


Hands under 5 years of age

Feet under 12 months of age

*Shipping available only for out of town orders