Room/Linen Spray - four scent options

Room/Linen Spray - four scent options

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About this product

Room/linen spray - available in
  • Rose Patchouli - key notes of rose and patchouli
  • Lavender Calm - key notes of lavender and vanilla
  • Revive - key notes of eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender
  • Citrus Burst - key notes of neroli, lemon and juniper
Aromatherapy for any space. Just spritz, inhale and feel instant calm.  

60 ml/ 2 oz

Our room sprays are made with witch hazel distillate and distilled water. 

Each blend is custom created.

DO NOT use directly on skin.

Please test on delicate and light coloured fabrics 

Pure essential oils are less potent than chemical fragrance oils and as such, our room spray scent profiles are subtle and designed to promote relaxation and calm.