It's a BIG Deal To Be Me! (Ages 10-13)

It's a BIG Deal To Be Me! (Ages 10-13)

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About this product

We all are aware how challenging life can be for tweens and young teens. From day to day new situations may arise that they find difficult to deal with. Not having the knowledge and tools how to navigate these waters often leads to stress overload.  This is one reason why we started “It’s a BIG Deal To Be Me”. This virtual gather place for those ages 10-13.  is geared to be a safe space to learn about ourselves and each other.  We strive to nurture an open dialog where everyone is heard and also where we learn to listen to ourselves.  Our gatherings offer a good balance of learning new ideas to use in life and fun, experiential play.
Some of our goals: 
Develop a community for safe conversations 
learn to like ourselves
find our voice
learn tools to deal with those things that bug us

Who Should Attend?
All those from the age 10-13.