Candles - Live Laugh Leave Me Alone

Candles - Live Laugh Leave Me Alone

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About this product

Things such as "wet spots" and "frosting" are normal as they are made with eco-friendly soy wax. 

Please burn responsibly, and do not leave unattended. For more information on how to safely use your candle please click here.

We currently have the following 3 scents. (left to right in the photo)

Tangerine Dream (Citrus Marshmallow) 100% Vegan 100% Kosher

Dave's Bakery (Chocolate Fudge Brownie) 100% Vegan 100% Kosher

Nice Buns! (Cinnamon Bun) 100% Kosher

Please note that this is a limited edition Item. If you are not at the Holiday Women's Network event on December 3rd we will not be able to provide you with these candles.