Ayurvedic Adaptogenic Turmeric Tea Blend

Ayurvedic Adaptogenic Turmeric Tea Blend

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About this product

Generations of healers handed down the recipe for Ki’s Ayurvedic Turmeric Tea.  Used as medicine for thousands of years, turmeric is a healing spice.  It soothes inflammation and discomfort, eases pain, lowers stress levels, and promotes more restful sleep.  Its natural earthy spice blend will warm your tummy as it goes down!

Ayurvedic Turmeric Tea Blend helps to:

– Calm your nervous system after experiencing a stressor
– Relieve the effects of anxiety on your mind and body
– Relax tense muscles
– Fight coughs/colds/flu
– Support a restful night’s sleep against insomnia
– Open air passages to aid against asthma
– Strengthen your immune system to help fight/prevent illness
– Relieve symptoms of pain
– Give clarity of thoughts

Other Benefits:

This tea is antiviral, adaptogenic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and is full of antioxidants