Store Directory

Amy K Fitzgerald Art:  Toronto East

Arisigan:  Toronto East

A Taste of Soul!:  Simcoe County

Barkin Bones:  Toronto East 

Barrie WP Creations:  Simcoe County

Big Girl Interrupted: Toronto

Bows to Beanies:  Simcoe County

Cactus Studios:  Durham

Caffi:  Hamilton 

Chocotellers:  Toronto East 

Cozy Kitchen Creations:  Simcoe County

Creatively Wholesome:  Toronto East 

Curated Goods Co:  Toronto East 

Customized by Pretty Eyes:  Simcoe County 

Dew South:  Simcoe County 

Elizabeth Stanton Photography:  Toronto West 

Flowers in the Ointment:  Toronto East 

Imagine Violet - Toronto:  Toronto East 

Jay's Sticky Buns:  Simcoe County

Jacy Fragrances:  Toronto

Joanna Grace Sound Healing Energy & Music Lessons:  Toronto West 

Kal and Mooy Hot Sauce:  Toronto West 

Kendal Height Decor:  Durham

Kindred Kitchens:  Toronto West

Lake Woods Bath Co.:  Toronto East

Lasagn@ Barrie:  Simcoe County 

Lil Eats n'Treats:  Simcoe County

Lumsden Financial:  Toronto and Simcoe County

Made with Love Scalloped Potatoes:  Simcoe County 

Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion:  Brant County

Margot Dreams of Baking:  Simcoe County

Marketing Maestros:  Toronto 

Minicrete Jewelry:  Simcoe County

NYON Dairy:  Toronto  

Play Crochet:  Renfew County

Party Starters:  Toronto

Photographic Touch:  Durham 

Rita Wong Photography: Toronto

Rubies Custom Bras:  Toronto

Rustic Designs Barrie:  Simcoe County

Silversmithing with Steve:  Simcoe County

So Sweet Bath Boutique:  Simcoe County

Sweets Boutique:  Simcoe County

Tanglegripper:  Simcoe County

TAT Jewelry:  Toronto 

Teetotaler Wines:  Toronto  

TIHO Jewelry:  Toronto 

Sabina Coaching:  Toronto 

Seint with Valerie:  Peel

The Andrea Oliveria Centre for Ayurveda Rituals:  Toronto

TabCreates:  Simcoe County

Tanglegrippers:  Simcoe County 

The Babe Label:  Simcoe County & Halton

Too Tall Ties:  Toronto 

Treats By Carmen:  Toronto

Vinnie Rose Designs:  Toronto 

Wallindulge:  Simcoe County

Queen Collective:  Toronto