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There are times in all of our lives when we need some extra support to get to where we want to go in life.  Coaches can help you do exactly that.  

Meet our Coaches on Local Street Marketplace! A safe way to explore who may be the right fit to help you in gaining the support you need.  Click here to learn more about coaching and how a coach can support you in your life.  

Meet our Coaches

Big Girl Interrupted 
What's interrupting your life?

Big Girl Interrupted is a community that is dedicated to inspire you to uncover what is interrupting your life. We empower you to disrupt the patterns that have impaired your ability to achieve and grow. Learning to stand in your power, discovering your authentic self. 

We help you understand and create the vision you want to see, live and achieve for yourself with the tool of a vision board to help you create your roadmap to success. 

It’s times to level up and be bold, let's connect! 
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Fulfilling Solutions 
Helping you create the solutions you need to live a fulfilling life 
Fulfilling Solutions is a professional life coaching service located in Barrie, Ontario. We empower clients to make their own decisions, provide the confidence to take action, and find the motivation required to achieve their goals. We offer an array of prepackaged life coaching sessions and a goal setting workbook.
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Joanna Grace & Sound Healing Energy
Restore your natural ability to heal with sound
Perhaps you've heard about how sound is healing or you've even experienced it for yourself in some way? A playlist to elevate your energy? A sad song to feel like a trusted friend when you're going through a tough time?
Book a complimentary 30 min. session to talk with me about how Sound Healing Energy can be helpful in quieting the mind chatter, relieving tension and stress in the body, and restoring your energy so you can better show up for the people and activities that matter most to you. 
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Maitri Centre for Love and Compassion
Transform your lives
For individuals: we offer self-compassion and self-love support to help you address anxiety, depression, worry and offer strategies to help you live a more joyful, abundant, and peaceful life.  You deserve the very best that life has to offer. 
For workplaces: we offer services to help you increase the amount of compassion in the workplace and help you create an engaging, thriving and successful workplace.  Compassion can help you address issues of workplace culture including race and equity issues.
Gissele and David combined have expertise in therapy, mindfulness, compassion, meditation, personal growth and leadership. Reach out to find out more.
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Sabina Coaching
I will show you the path to living your best life and becoming more empowered.  
I will show you how to love yourself first.
I help women and men who are busy with their day to day lives, who don’t put themselves first because they are trying to juggle a family, work and home and end up neglecting themselves. They have lost self-confidence, have low self esteem, feel stuck with how to do life and are just going through the motions. Maybe you have let yourself go and you do not recognize who you are, you don’t love yourself first!
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Sandra  McKechnie
Sandra McKechnie is the C.E.O. of Sandra McKechnie Productions, Keynote Speaker/Presenter of the Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness Trainings called Doubble Consciousness (yes, 2 b’s).  Sandra is also a Certified Life Coach with an Anti-bias & Anti-oppression lens.  Partnering especially with both marginalized and non-marginalized peoples as they tap into their conscious unawareness.  Sandra offers support in these areas of sensitivity promoting racial harmony.  She is also passionate about holding space WITH WOMEN who have been through diverse challenges and intersections in the life they have lived, and are living; partnering with them, turning it all into ...THEIR BEST LIFE!

She is the host of her Video Podcast, VOICES OF HUMANITY at PR Connections, The Voice Of New Media. Where she is very interested in interviewing coaches that represent the many faces and voices of humanity.

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