Joyfull Pet Food


Joyfull Pet Food delights with homemade all natural pet meals 

It’s all about the fur babies….

While supporting local is something many of us talk about, Joy Douglas takes it to another level. Having lived in Barrie for over 21 years, and working for the local school board, Joy decided to start her own small business in 2020 – Joyfull Pet Food. When one of her dogs (Toby) fell ill with pancreatitis, the veterinarian prescribed Toby a diet of chicken and rice. Much to her other dogs’ chagrin, Oscar was still having his daily meal of regular pet food. Joy decided to research more on making her own pet food and thought there may be other people who would also benefit from the same. 

All-Natural Healthy: 

Made with all natural ingredients, with no additives, preservatives, or fillers, Joyful can be served as a complete meal or an addition to kibble. Joy cooks and freezes all meals in 1/4lb and 1lb packages available for pick up or free shipping in the Barrie area. When you check out Joy’s storefront, you’ll want to order these meals for yourself, not just your pets!

Community Purpose:

Joy is a huge supporter of local small business, by advocating, supporting, buying and enjoying local. Also passionate about her community, Joy has volunteered for Gilda’s Club Cancer Support Center and Communities in Bloom to name a few. Most recently, Joy decided she would like to support and help her community even further, by running for Barrie City Council for Ward 10. Engaged and passionate about local issues and ways to improve and help communities thrive, running for City Council was a way she felt she could do this. As a member of the Local Street community, it’s wonderful to see someone who walks the talk when it comes to supporting local!

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