DIY Inkless Print Kits

DIY Inkless Print Kits

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About this product

Create an ink print with no mess! Is it possible? Includes FREE SHIPPING (Canada to the U.S.A) too!

Yes! Your child will have no ink on their hands and feet when you use our Inkless Print System. Simply open our special wipe, wipe your childs hand/foot on the specially treated paper and voila! Your print appears with no ink on your childs hands/feet.

This system is used commonly throughout the world in police stations, hospitals, and birthing centers, etc. Our supplier became the exclusive provider of fingerprint materials for the National Child Identification Program in 2005.

They were also distributed through the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the National Children Identification Program to distribute child identification kits to families.

These kits are great for:

*People who want prints of any age

*Gift additions to baby shower purchases


*Prints for any of our canvas, jewelry and crystal product lines