DIY Impression Kits

DIY Impression Kits

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About this product

Attention DIY Lovers! DIY Impression kits starting at $25.00 and includes FREE SHIPPING (Canada & U.S.A)

Take impressions of babies and children under 5 years of age.

Why WP Creations?Our materials are fresh and customizable

*Freshness: Our kits capture amazing details as we do not package your materials until you need it. Take the impression within 1 month of purchasing a kit.

*Customizable: Pick your ribbon color and shape your impression to whatever you would like!

*Safe - Easy - Clean: Flatten material, take print, shape and finish. That is it!

WINTER NOTICE: Our impression material and sealer finish should not freeze. If you order in winter months, you will need to finish your impression with your own acrylic paint or sealer and we will have to give you instructions on how to work with your impression material. Please email us prior to ordering for details

Each Kit Contains:

*Enough impression material for one hand or footprint. Add additional packs at the time of purchase

*Over 12 month orders include a double supply of material due to size

*Detailed instructions on how to create your unique impression

*Your shaping and finishing tools

*Ribbon of your choice