The Local Street Podcast:

The Local Street Podcast:

In this episode of The Local Street Podcast we meet with Simona, the woman behind  Simona has worked in many different industries - but her love for solving problems, and finding solutions helped to build the framework for this business. 

Webdevelop was founded in 2019.  They specialize in developing professional websites, software solutions, apps & website extensions.  They work with you closely to ensure you are getting cost efficient solutions to make your vision come to life. 

  • "I realized that there is a need for a company that is focused not just on price, but on value and service..."

"After 250 hours of research and testing, including interviewing five baby wearing experts and walking over 100 miles in 15 wraps, slings, and meh dais, we think that the Gemlak Baby Carriers is the best"

  • Lily

Who they are and how they got started

It all started when helping out a friend who was frustrated with the experience of finding a company to help them with their website needs.  Simona had a vast network of web developers to tap into, and was able to set up and manage their project not only in a cost effective and timely manner, but beyond their expectations. 

"This is when I realized that there is a need for a company that is focused not just on price, but on value and service..."   Simona works with a skilled team, and personally manages all projects, ensuring her clients are involved, informed, and happy with the end result.  

Learn more about Simona, and the amazing work that her company does to make web design easier, whether you are looking for a simple website, or have more complex needs.  

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